Our People

Find out about the people behind our gin and our visitor centre.

ivano tonutti

Ivano Tonutti

Master of Botanicals

Ivano Tonutti, the Master of Botanicals for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, has been responsible for sourcing each of the 10 individual botanical ingredients used to create the tantalising, smooth and complex taste of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE for over 10 years. With a doctorate in Chemistry, Ivano started his career at Martini & Rossi, evaluating the quality of each botanical used in the production of the Martini Vermouth before being appointed Master of Botanicals for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE in 2002. A consistent quality and flavour profile of each ingredient is key in the creation of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE and Ivano controls this by sourcing botanicals from only a handful of artisanal producers in designated regions around the world. After the botanicals have been harvested each season, Ivano performs rigorous quality control checks. BOMBAY SAPPHIRE would not benefit from the high level of quality imparted to the refined flavours extracted from each botanical without this attention to detail. Once the highest quality botanicals are selected, Ivano oversees the careful mixing of the botanicals with samples from last season to ensure the uniform and consistent flavour of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE across every bottle.

Dr Anne Brock

Master Distiller

Dr Anne Brock is the esteemed Master Distiller for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, whose incredible technical experience and education has made her a visionary in the gin category. Holding a position on the board of directors at the Gin Guild, Anne brings her passion for gin to her role at Laverstoke Mill. Working alongside the Master of Botanicals, Ivano Tonutti, Anne is responsible for fulfilling the global demand for the world’s most popular gin, leading a team of 14 distillers at Laverstoke Mill to produce every drop and bottle of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE enjoyed around the world.

sam carter

Sam Carter

Senior Brand Ambassador

Sam Carter, Senior Ambassador for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE at Laverstoke Mill, uses his rich wealth of experience and cocktail knowledge to inspire gin enthusiasts from across the world at workshops and events at Laverstoke Mill. Having worked in the bar and restaurant industry for over twenty years, Sam is globally renowned as a leading authority on the subject of gin and cocktails and has been at the heart of Bombay Sapphire since 2009. Sam’s constant strive to create gin perfection means he is always developing and experimenting with the spirit and different cocktail variations, pushing him to the forefront of the category. Sam’s passion for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE can be seen at the distillery in the Blue Room, where visitors can see him sharing his wisdom about the unique qualities of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE and the way it can be used to create world-class cocktails.

chris cotterell

Chris Cotterell


Chris Cotterell is the Distillery Horticulturist at Laverstoke Mill and plays a vital role in nurturing the exotic botanicals of BOMBAY SAPPHIRE in the spectacular Glasshouses designed by Heatherwick Studio, as well as developing the complex habitats surrounding the River Test. Chris became involved in the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Distillery project in 2014, and since then he has been creating the ecosystems and growing conditions within the Tropical and Mediterranean Glasshouses – ensuring that the botanicals thrive. As a ‘Site of Special Scientific Interest’, Laverstoke Mill is a real challenge to maintain and Chris ensures the vision of Heatherwick Studio is translated into a stunning array of flora and fauna for all to enjoy.

Tours & Experiences

Discover the home of Bombay Sapphire gin on an experience to suit your interests. Choose from one of the many experiences we have on offer, don’t forget that gift vouchers are available from the online shop.

meetings & events

Meetings & Events

The Bombay Sapphire Distillery is available for hire for corporate events, meetings, banquets, private parties, wedding receptions and more. Soak up the unique atmosphere of the Bombay Sapphire Distillery for your event, and enjoy our delicious cocktail range as part of your experience.

Bombay Sapphire Distillery is a card-only venue.