Star & Tonic

A simply perfect way to savour the flavours of our artisan Star of Bombay, this classic cocktail is served with a twist of orange for a touch of sweetness. Wonderfully refined, every discerning summer starts with a Star & Tonic.


  • 50 ml
    Star of Bombay
  • 100 ml
    Premium tonic water
  • Orange Wheel


  • Fill glass with ice. We like Collins glasses, but highball is just as good.
  • Stir until frosted then strain excess liquid from glass.
  • Pour Star of Bombay over ice.
  • Add orange wheel.
  • Stir ingredients to acclimate contents.
  • Tilt glass and pour chilled tonic water down side of glass and lift once gently using bar spoon.

How To Make a Star & Tonic

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